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World News 01.09 – TVP World

The special edition of World News, live from Gdańsk, Poland. It was here, on the Westerplatte peninsula where World War II began. Our reporters were present at the commemorative ceremonies that took place across the country.

Polish report on war losses

What is the cost of a human life? Of countless buildings, homes, and infrastructure destroyed in Poland during World War II? Today a parliamentary commission presented a report on war reparations, detailing widespread losses caused by the German occupation.

Polish armed forces during WWII

Despite the Polish defeat in October of 1939, Polish Armed Forces remained active throughout World War II. Although scattered around the whole Europe, Middle East and even Africa, polish soldiers and civilians who took up arms after Nazi aggression battled the enemy on many fronts in hopes of regaining the lost homeland.

The fate of Jews in occupied Poland

When speaking of the outbreak of World War II, we cannot forget about the fate of the Jewish population in Europe, and especially Poland, where the largest Jewish minority among European states had lived for decades. The WWII outbreak was an introduction to the Holocaust.

Ukraine: Education amidst war

Thank you don for this report. But we’re staying in Ukraine. September 1st means that students are coming back to school. But what does it look like in a war-torn county?

Half measures on visas for Russians

Foreign ministers of the European Union’s member states agreed to end a program which made it easier for Russians to obtain visas. The measure comes short of a complete ban on visas for Russian citizens, advocated by some countries.

These and more in today’s episode of World News.
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