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UNICEF ECARO Humanitarian Situation Report No. 17 (Response in Refugee Receiving Countries ) 7 Sep – 4 Oct 2022 – Poland – ReliefWeb

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• Over 7.6 million refugees from Ukraine are recorded across Europe, with 4.2 million registered for temporary or similar national protection schemes. i Refugee movements continue, evolving with conflict and seasonal dynamics. Expected refugee figures for 2022 have been revised upwards to 9.6 million under the recently recalibrated Refugee Response Plan.
• Onset of winter is expected to inhibit returns, induce further refugee flows, and bring harsher conditions in host countries, compounding challenges for already vulnerable refugee populations.
• In Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia alone, 799,967 people are currently targeted in municipalities receiving UNICEF assistance through national systems to ensure refugees can access critical services. 36 new partnerships have been established with national and subnational authorities to support extension of quality social services to refugee children.
• Across targeted countries 8,260,995 people have so far been reached through messaging on prevention and access to services; 361,671 children have benefitted from formal and non-formal education, including early learning; 262,832 children and caregivers have received mental health, psychosocial support and other protection services and 166,375 women and children have accessed primary healthcare through UNICEF support.
• Important efforts continue to ensure vulnerable families with children accessing multi-purpose humanitarian cash transfers, with 37,421 households reached to date and ongoing plans to scale up cash assistance for winter needs
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