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Priyanka Chopra's United Nations SDG Moment Speech – The Nerd Stash

Superstar actress Priyanka Chopra gave a speech about the climate crisis at the 2022 United Nations SDG Moment. The star started off by welcoming the attendees to the Annual 2022 SDG Moment she tagged ‘a decade of action.’
The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador pointed out that global solidarity is needed, especially now that the world is at a critical point. She further highlighted some challenges the world is currently facing.
Siting the devastating effects of the pandemic, she also mentioned the damage caused by the climate crisis on people’s lives and livelihoods. The Goodwill Ambassador also mentioned poverty and conflicts as destroyers of a just world we’ve struggled to create.
Everyone agreed with Priyanka Chopra when she mentioned that all is not well with our world in her speech at the 2022 SDG Moment. The world further concurred when she stated that these problems didn’t happen by chance, but they can be fixed with a plan.

The star actress revealed that the world-fixing plan is the UN Sustainable Development Goal which should be on the to-do list for the world. People around the world came together to come up with the plan in 2015.
According to Priyanka Chopra in her SDG Moment speech, everyone should seize this extraordinary opportunity to change the world. It’ll be beneficial to everyone and the planet at large. The present and future are in our hands, hence the need to treat these goals as a matter of urgency.
The ABC Quantico star asserted that we’re nearly halfway to the 2030 deadline for achieving these goals. Priyanka Chopra’s speech at the SDG moment rounded up with a message of action and ambition. Importantly, she stated that it’s also about hope and what we can do together to make these goals a reality.
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