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September 20, 2022 at 12:34 pm

Greetings, dear readers! Here I am your Marilyn Beane’s World columnist back for another week’s journey so I have more news from my home at Windward Gardens in Camden.
Aug. 28: My journey started when I woke up. At 6:15 a.m. the sweet overnight nurse gave me my meds and nebulizer treatments. During breakfast I watched my uplifting Christian programs and I spent more time with the loving Lord, reading His word. The kind, caring male nurse gave me anther neb treatment.
He checked my oxygen and treated my right large toe. He told me now he doesn’t think I have pneumonia.
My sweet roommate read my newest column yesterday and how she enjoyed it. She gave me great compliments. I spent most of my day coloring.
Aug. 29: It was a hot, sunny day outside. I spent time with the loving Lord. I colored most of the day. At 2 p.m. I went to bingo in the activities room. I won three games. The activities director called off the numbers. Afterwards she served us candy. She had to cut bingo short because she had to go upstairs and work as a CNA in the dementia unit.
The kind and caring male med tech was called to the rehab unit so my sweet nurse was called down to replace him. She gave me two nebulizer treatments and gave me all my meds. She gave me meds for sleep before she left.
Aug. 30: It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining with temps in the 70s and a light breeze stirring the trees. After breakfast I studied Bible scriptures.
My sweet roommate’s sweet sister and husband were here a little while this morning. I showed them my pictures I had colored. They thought they were gorgeous. I had one with a little blond girl. The sister said her youngest niece would love it so I gave it to her to give to the little girl who is also blond. It sure made my day to make a little girl happy. I gave my mail for her sweet sister to mail. My column was in that mail.
The sweet young doctor came to see me. She asked questions and listened to my lungs. She said they don’t sound very good. She wants me to see my pulmonologist and was going to see what she could do about it. I keep having flare ups with my COPD. This time it is hard to tame.
My sweet CNA gave me a shower and a shampoo today. It was nearly 11 a.m. That was because she had to wait for towels. They had to be dried at the Harbor Hill facility in Belfast. That facility is a branch to this one. The dryer here broke down.
Aug. 31: It was a rainy day with temps in the 60s. The sweet overnight nurse clapped me on my back to try and help me get the phlegm out of my lungs. She gave me my meds and nebulizer treatment. I have had more of them throughout the day. My left shoulder was treated by the occupational therapist. I’ve colored all day.
Sept. 1: Well, we are in a brand new month. The ninth month. Where is this year going? It is a beautiful day outside with temps in the 70s. I spent time with the precious Lord after breakfast. I colored again most all day. I had my shoulder treated with the heat lamp by the OT.
I went to bingo in the activities room. I won one game and was complimented by the physical therapist who had brought in one of the residents. The activities gal said smiling, “Marilyn is good at that.” I done writing and reading.
Sept. 2: I woke up this morning so cold. I had my AC on which the sweet CNA shut off. I was still so cold and shaking. My moaning and groaning brought in the sweet CNA and woke my sweet roommate. My vitals were taken. Not good, and my temp was 103. The sweet nurse was called in. She gave me my meds and comforted me, when she mentioned about me needing to go to the hospital.
My tote bag was packed with my Bible, and other books. North East Ambulance was called and soon here with the sirens blaring. After asking me questions I told them my symptoms on the stretcher. I was buckled and taken out to the ambulance and hooked up to vital necessities. I was taken to Pen Bay Medical Center. I was met by nurses and taken to critical care. Two IVs put in. I had blood tests, chest x-rays and CT scan x-rays and other tests. Two infections was found. One was a urinary tract infection and the other was a lung infection.
They started an IV of antibiotics. I was given yogurt, coffee, and ginger ale. I was on monitors. I had a nice emergency room doctor who turned me over to a sweet lady hospitalist who later had me admitted downstairs in room 36. I read and had nice care from the sweet CNA and sweet nurses.
Sept. 3: I’m listening to country classic music on the TV all day. Same treatment from sweet nurses.
I’ve been sleeping a lot too. I feel so exhausted. My brother Arthur Crockett called me later afternoon the day before. He had received a phone call from my residence, Windward Gardens in Camden. He had to go to his doctor surgeon to have a skin cancer taken off his ear, which was bleeding. That is to be performed next week.
The sweet CNA who works at my home at Windward Gardens works at the hospital also. She came in to see me the day before and again today.
I had a tree outside my window. I just enjoyed watching the chipmunks and birds enjoying themselves in it.
Now to close, prayers are going up to God’s throne of grace for whatever you are enduring.
Also find a place to be alone with God. Let it become your favorite place to be. God be with you and bless you, dear readers.
Write to Marilyn Beane’s World, Windward Gardens, Room 105, 105 Mechanic St., Camden, ME 04843-1811.
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