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Louisiana police release footage of cop shooting Black driver – The Indian Express

The Louisiana state police have released video footage of a confrontation between a white cop and a Black man, which resulted in the shooting and subsequent death of the latter, reported local media.
The footage of the incident, which took place on Nov. 6, was recorded on the policeman’s body and dashboard camera, and by an observer. In the clips, the sheriff’s office deputy Rodney Anderson is seen pulling over a man, later identified as Derrick J Kittling (45). Kittling is seen stepping out of his pickup truck at around 1.20 pm after being pulled over for a “violation with his window tint and modified exhaust”, said a report in The Guardian.
In the video clip, Anderson is heard telling Kittling to walk to the back of his silver Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, keeping his hands out of his pocket. Kittling ambled to the side of the truck first, and later to the back of the truck after Anderson repeated the instruction.
As the policeman approached Kittling, the latter is heard asking “what’s the issue” to which the cop asked him to turn around and accused him of not following the order. Kittling protested and a scuffle ensued for the policeman’s taser and firearm.
A couple of seconds later, Anderson sends a radio message: “Shots fired, shots fired.” He walks back to his police vehicle and repeats: “Shots fired. One subject down. Gunshot wound to the head. I’m bleeding from my head.”
Louisiana State Police, in a press conference on Sunday, said that the investigation into the incident is active and ongoing and the officer involved is on administrative leave. Kittling died at a local hospital later, reported local media.
Kittling’s family is contesting the police narrative and has enlisted civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is known for representing sever high-profile victims of police violence like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Crump has termed Kittling’s death “unwarranted” and “completely preventable”, said a Guardian report. “Law enforcement officers who act without consideration of the deadly consequences of using force should not be serving our communities,” he said.
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