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New: Managing Security Incidents: 10-min mobile guide now available in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian
This guide
Explains why incident monitoring is an important part of any aid agency’s internal security risk management strategy and how to do it.
In Polish, Russian and Ukrainian and designed for local partner organisations who want to improve their security risk practices as part of their due diligence capacity building.
Is also available in Arabic, English and French for partner agencies in other countries.
Is a short introduction to more material available on our English, French, Spanish and Arabic SIIM roadmap.
Read the content of the mobile guide here.
The guide received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from English language DisasterReady users.
A well organised, detailed and complete presentation. Definitely a must read!
The information provided was easy to understand and helped in clearing out many terminologies used in safety environment.
The guide is informative to structure the incident report and follow up later. It’s pretty handy. I will raise the issue of An Incident Database System Procurement in my country office. Thanks.
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